April Showers Sprout Gorgeous Flowers at Phipps Conservatory

Spring began in late March, yet rain showers are on the schedule for April. No need to get too distraught though, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens has the remedy. 125 years in the making, Phipps gained its five-star reputation by awing guests with uniquely designed and expertly manicured garden scenes.  

Click here for the information you need to visit Phipps.

Tickets are reasonably priced under twenty dollars for adults. And when you purchase online, tickets are good for one day’s use within thirty days of the date of purchase. Plus, we’ll let you in on some secret perks: If you’re a lucky duck who is currently an undergrad at the University of Pittsburgh, we hear admission to Phipps is free during semesters! Not a Pitt student? No worries! Phipps offers a discount with a valid student ID.

Spending a Day at Phipps

Time to venture out into the wild! Well, sort of. Surround yourself with the exotic and natural beauty of floral and herb gardens. They’ll delight your senses with blissful fragrances and eye-catching colors. Here are the exhibits with open dates during April:

Now, with all this talk about things to do, we have to mention where to eat, too! Located inside the Conservatory, Cafe Phipps becomes an awesome place to relax and dine. Partnered with a vibrant environment, Phipps carries environmental stewardship throughout the establishment. This means, at the cafe specifically, they commit to the cleanest, freshest food available while focusing on organic or local produce. And a quick little tip: Phipps Splash, a fruity and healthy alternative to soda, has raving reviews on Yelp.

Classes for Adults

Phipps actually has classes available for children, educators, and communities, as well. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll stick with adults for now, but definitely, check out the classes page for more information on the other programs.

From floral design to culinary, Phipps offers several certificates so you have the ability to diversify in knowledge. Open to anyone, instructors are highly accomplished in their respected fields while encouraging a relaxing and learning-able environment.

Calling All Volunteers

Remember that “be a better person” resolution you made way back when. Well, Phipps has opportunities fitting any interest, from summer camp volunteers and garden guides to special events and horticulture volunteers.

Concerned about balancing volunteering with work/school priorities? Phipps asks for a minimum of three hours per week and at least two times per month. That’s 80 hours a year, which is on the minimal side while definitely still something to hang your hat on.  

For volunteers, Phipps has the mission, “To empower volunteers to contribute to the mission of Phipps while providing a rewarding and engaging experience in an environment where all contributions are valued and appreciated.”

It’s a fantastic way to meet new people with similar interests and contribute to one of Pittsburgh’s beloved landmarks. See where you fit. Plus, why not make the move toward a better you?

Time to Member Up

This isn’t your average whole store membership. Phipps offers one-of-a-kind experiences, event discounts, and exclusive insights. You’re essentially getting unlimited access! Plus, packages range from a year of free admission for one adult at $65 to a sustaining package with several perks at $500. To get specifics on membership perks, click here.

One of the best times to visit is during the spring. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a serene stroll through an exotic indoor/outdoor garden? We would definitely be there in a heartbeat!