4 Resolutions to Start Your New Year Right in Shadyside

Tomorrow is a new day and a new year! For many that means sticking to a new years resolution while others are just trying to remember to write 2019 instead of 2018 when it comes to the date.

Regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish this year, it’s important you know about all the amenities available to you in Shadyside. We’ve drummed up a list of resolutions that will be easy for you to stick to while living in Shadyside, Pittsburgh.

Losing Weight or Getting Fit

If becoming your healthiest self is on your to-do list in 2019, there are many different fitness locations within Shadyside to help you achieve that goal. You’ll have endless choices like pilates and yoga to CrossFit and weight training!

Become Your Healthiest Self: Fitness Options in Shadyside

Plus, Shadyside is known for its tree-lined sidewalks, which makes running much more enjoyable!

Choosing a Healthier Diet

After a long day of work, cooking something for dinner just seems like a daunting task. Next thing you know pizza and fast food seem like an excellent alternative. We’ve all been there. But starting January 1, you made a promise to eat healthily.

We recommend setting a budget aside each month that you’re willing to spend on eating out. Just make sure you choose healthy eateries and lucky for you, Shadyside has a handful of awesome, healthy restaurants like Choolaah, Salud Juicery, or Honey Grow.

For fresh, local and organic produce, you have to check out the East End Food Co-op!

Meet New People

Maybe you aren’t the world’s biggest social butterfly after moving into a new neighborhood. That’s completely understandable. Though it is something you’re looking to change as the new year rings in. Here are a few tips for you:

  • First things first, explore the neighborhood. You’ll be delighted by the friendly people and the bountiful amount of things to do. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to discover what’s new in Shadyside and the East End.
  • Go to the local events. Shadyside proudly hosts many events month in and month out. Go to Think Shadyside for a calendar of events!
  • Take a class at any of the three nearby universities. If you have the time, learn about a topic you were always curious about and make new friends in the process!

Contribute to Charity

Is doing more to help others is on your agenda for the new year? Community service isn’t only a good deed but can make you feel more self-fulfilled, which can better your mental health. Take a look at how you can support these local charities 412 Food Rescue, Achieva, and Best Buddies.

After all, Brad Paisley says it best “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.”