3 Easy Space Saving Solutions for Your Small Kitchen

Spring cleaning season is finally here. Yes, dusting and tidying up is all worth the work, but what if that’s not the problem? Are you on a mission to save space in your kitchen this spring?

For renters, apartment kitchens tend to be more compact and saving-space takes some skill.

We rounded up a few quick and painless fixes to help get your small kitchen into tip-top shape. Your new-found efficiency will be worth the effort!

Tip #1 – How to disguise electrical cords

Coffee machines, toaster ovens, candle warmers, and even those adorable, light up signs that spell, “eat,” all have one thing in common…. an electrical cord.

Cords can be an eyesore when they are all bunched up together. The last thing you want in an already crowded apartment kitchen is a messy counter with cords sticking out everywhere. The simplest tip is to use twisty ties or velcro to help manage longer cords and lessen the mess.

Another really smart and handy tip comes from The Kitchn! They suggest hanging the cord from a discreet Command Cord Bundler and stick it to the back of the appliance.

We love this tip. What was once messy is now concealed!

Tip #2 – Crafty with counter space

Preventing electrical cords from getting in the way is one thing. But how do you create more counter space when you just don’t have much of it?

Introducing an amazing space-saving item – the kitchen sink cover! It’s typically a slab of wood or cutting board that goes over your sink and adds more counter space to your small kitchen. Plus, it adds a gorgeous, rustic feel too!

The cool thing is you can either make this yourself or there are also plenty of vendors who offer custom pieces on Etsy or Amazon. Just search, “Over the sink cutting board” or “kitchen sink cover.”

Tip #3 – One shelf, two shelves, red shelf, blue….

The right shelving can make a world of difference in a kitchen. Here’s a list of 5 organizers mentioned in Good Housekeeping that you should absolutely own.

photo from Good Housekeeping via the article

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Let’s Recap

We recommend these three space-saving techniques to transform your small kitchen,

Tip #1 – Get the clutter off your counter by hiding those electrical cords.

Tip #2 – Expand your counter space with a kitchen sink cover.

Tip #3 – Utilize different shelving units to help you save space.