How to Avoid Destruction with Your Apartment Plumbing

Let’s talk about your toilet. Yes, you read that right. We said toilet.

More specifically, we’re covering what should and shouldn’t be going down the grand porcelain throne, a kitchen sink, or garbage disposal. Every now and again, one bad egg clogs the plumbing system causing the whole building to suffer.

Good plumbing practices mean a building full of happy tenants and that’s what Franklin West strives for.

Here is a list of items you need to think twice about putting through your building’s plumbing.

Garbage Disposal Don’ts

To keep your garbage disposal working efficiently, one good rule of thumb is to avoid shoving large quantities of things down it. The following items should never go down a garbage disposal:

  1. Coffee Grounds
  2. Pasta, Rice, Oatmeal, or other foods that expand
  3. Bones
  4. Nuts/Pits
  5. Onion Skins
  6. Egg Shells
  7. Pumpkin, Celery, or other Fibrous Vegetables
  8. Potato Peels
  9. Chemicals/Paint
  10. Corn Husks
  11. Trash

This list came from The Family Handyman, which you can read in greater detail on why these items can become a big problem.

If your kitchen sink doesn’t have a garbage disposal, you should not put anything down the drain. Please use a kitchen sink strainer basket to ensure that nothing other than water and dish cleaning soap goes through the drain.

Lavatory Don’ts

The following items should never be flushed down the commode:

  1. Baby Wipes (even those marketed as being flushable)
  2. Q-tips & Cotton Swabs
  3. Menstrual Products
  4. Condoms
  5. Diapers
  6. Dental Floss
  7. Paper Towels & Tissues
  8. Medication
  9. Cigarette Buds
  10. Kitty Litter
  11. Hair
  12. Gum
  13. Cooking Grease
  14. Fish
  15. Food
  16. Bleach

In short, only toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet. Read more about why these items are not good for bathroom plumbing from House Beautiful.

Spot the Problem… Before It’s a Really BIG Problem

How do you know if one drain versus your entire plumbing system is backed up?

Even if everyone in our apartments follows our guidance above, external situations out of our control can cause a sewage system to back up. So, what are the warning signs?  One sign of a sewer drain clog is when more than one plumbing fixture backs up at the same time. You may even experience unusual sounds coming from the fixtures in your apartment.

With plumbing problems, whether it be a slow drain, a clog or a potential sewage backup, please CALL our office at 412-661-1151 as soon as you notice a problem, no matter what time of day or night!

Enjoy Spring in Shadyside with these 6 Awesome Events

Heads up, there are a ton of awesome events happening this month in Shadyside. Spring is here and has started to warm us up around the Burgh.

You’ll absolutely want to celebrate by seeing some gorgeous and unique flowers at Phipps Conservatory’s spring show or grab your bike for the Pale Ale Keg Ride.

Plus, the Great Shadyside Yard Sale is at the end of this month too!

Like we said, there are plenty of events to mark down on your calendar this month so let’s get started!

Gardens of the Rainbow | Phipps Conservatory | Happening Now!

First on our list is Phipps of course! The Garden Spring show is happening now but will end on April 21. There really isn’t a better way to greet Spring.

Here are some of the items in the show that will definitely have you buying a ticket asap…

  • There’s a giant 9-foot-tall topiary peacock (need we say more?)
  • Become dazzled by the winding rainbow road of spring floral favorites
  • Make water jump and dance among captivating prism sculptures through a giant interactive fountain in the Victoria Room
  • Have fun with the interactive kaleidoscope of blooms
  • You’ll be mesmerized at the Himalayan blue poppies when they bloom

Get tickets to the Gardens of the Rainbow show here.

Photo credit to Phipps Conservatory

Latin America & Caribbean Festival | Pitt University | 4/13/2019

Pittsburgh’s University Center for International Studies are the hosts of this year’s Latin American and Caribbean Fest.

Immerse yourself with Latin American and Caribbean foods, arts, crafts, music and dance, plus information on local and regional organizations. Many vendors will also be there with amazing, handmade goodies!

Head out to the Galleria and Patio of the Wesley W. Posvar Hall from noon to 8 pm for one amazing experience!

Get the event details from it’s Facebook event page here.

Plant 101 | Shadyside Nursery | 4/16/2019

Whether you own a home with a back yard or rent an apartment, the biggest trend this year is fully embracing nature. If you’re someone who wants to add more plants in your home this event is a must attend!

The Shadyside Nursery wants to make it easy for you to grow your green thumb by teaching Planting 101: How Not to Kill Your Plants. You’ll walk away from this class with tons of knowledge with planting and become a better plant parent.

You won’t go home empty handed either. The projects you learn in class, you’ll take home with you.

Class starts at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, April 16th so don’t be late!

Read about the instructor here.

Photo credit to Shadyside Nursery Facebook page

Fiesta Flamenca | Kelly Strayhorn Theater | 4/16/2019

You can bring the whole family out to this event! Kelly Strayhorn Theater is hosting the annual Fiesta Flamenca on Tuesday, April 16th. The doors open at 7 pm and the show will begin an hour later.

Fiesta Flamenca is a community celebration of music, dance, and friendship. The show will feature a flamenco performance from Alba Flamenca and the students at Flamenco Pittsburgh.

Get tickets and more event details here.

Made & Found Spring Market | Ace Hotel | 4/21/2019

The Ace Hotel on Whitfield Street is hosting this month’s Made and Found Spring Market. You’ll discover over 25 of the region’s best vintage shops, makers, and artists!

Did we mention admission is free? Yep, this kid and dog-friendly market is completely free to enjoy, which means you don’t have to feel shy about buying more beautiful items from vendors. While you’re enjoying the vendors, coffee, brunch, and cocktails will also be available for purchase.

See the full list of vendors here.

Photo credit to Made & Found Spring Market Facebook page

Pedal Pale Ale Keg Ride | East End Brewing | 4/27/2019

How does a bike ride through Pittsburgh with a ton of fresh, local beer in tow sound? It sounds pretty awesome to us!

On its fifteenth year, the Pedal Pale Ale Keg Ride is happening on Saturday, April 27. You will pedal along with an awesome group of people and stay refreshed with some delicious beer. Once the crew reaches the mystery destination, East End Brewing will reveal this year’s Pedal Pale Ale!

It’s not all riding and drinking though. This keg ride is also one of the biggest charity events of the year and raises money for the Auberle Foster Care Foundation!

Get the details and your tickets here!

For more community events, follow Franklin West Apartments on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.