5 Creative Hobbies To Try When You’re Bored

By now you have probably exhausted a lot of your regular hobbies, so why not tap into some new ideas! With the weather warming up, get fresh air with a short walk (and practice social distancing, of course), try your hand at painting, or start your own herb garden to pass the time.

We put together a few ideas to help you inject some creativity next time you are feeling a bit bored.


Watercolors or acrylics? Painting can be the perfect hobby to pick up right now. If you are a beginner look up some instructional videos on YouTube. Don’t have paint around the house? Places like Michael’s and Target are doing curbside pickup, plus you can also check out Amazon.

Not interested in the mess of painting. There are several great paint by number apps to try like Happy Color.


We always talk about how we never have time to read. Well, with this newfound free time, we can all pick up a good book.

Learn a new skill or get lost in another land instead of staring at Netflix for hours. Can’t decide? Do a quick google search for some best sellers or even check to see if your favorite celebrity has a go-to list out there.


While needlepoint might seem a bit old fashioned, it is the perfect craft to keep your mind moving and leave you with a fun little home accessory.

From Amazon to Target, and even little local shops, you can buy needlepoint kits with everything you need. After you finish, put it into a picture frame for a great accent to a gallery wall.


While you probably don’t have tons of land to garden on, there are a variety of ways you can grow fresh produce or herbs right in your own place.

If you don’t have access to an outdoor space, try an indoor herb garden kit, or even tomatoes if you get enough sun. Those with a small patio space but no grass, go for a raised garden bed in your outdoor area.

Still not confident of where or how to begin, visit the Shadyside Nursery new online store. If you’re new to plant life, this team can get you started the right way.

Tie Dying

Remember tie-dying as a kid? Find some white clothes and order a kit because this trend is back! Like the other crafts we discussed, you can look at places like Michael’s and Target who are offering fast delivery or curbside pick. Also, check Amazon (who seems to sell everything) for a non-toxic tie-dye kit!

Try something new this week! You never know what you, and even your family, might enjoy and pick up as your new go-to during this extra time at home.

How to Survive Quarantine as an Apartment Dweller

For people all across the US and the rest of the world, the COVID-19 predicament is felt in various different ways, but also with many commonalities. It’s not easy being cooped up in an apartment for weeks on end. As you handle your day to day, do what you can to look out for and take care of yourself, and don’t lose sight of the needs of your very own community.

Your Franklin West neighbors are all up against the same struggles, and there’s plenty of uncertainty as it is, but that uncertainty will meet the light of day and this will resolve. In the meantime, as tensions run high and you may not encounter your neighbors in the same ways as before, be mindful of them so that everybody may get through this as easily as possible.

To help navigate this brand new way of life that may feel like an assignment in a naval submarine, here are a few ideas that might just make this time a bit more bearable for everybody.

Be Patient with Your Neighbors

Deep breaths are important. This isn’t the wellness suggestion you may be used to seeing. We’re not actually talking about measuring air into your lungs, but rather timing your responses to things that may be bothersome. For instance, if one of your neighbors is entertaining their little ones with five hours of Baby Shark, then do your very best to wait just a short while before coming to them or the Franklin West staff with your complaint. 

The main idea here is to avoid a heat-of-the-moment debacle that erupts into a feud. Five hours of Baby Shark is rather excessive and enough to drive anyone up the wall, but a little bit of patience is better fuel for civil discourse than retaliation or nastiness. On the other side of that coin, if you’re thinking that hours of Baby Shark will be good for your toddler, then please do-do-do think of your neighbors’ sanity.

TIP: Take advantage of practicing the 24-Hour Rule. This great rule of thumb is actually a sports reference that says, “Parents/guardians are not allowed to confront a coach, team or league official to discuss any “negative” game or practice situation with the coaching and management staff until at least 24 hours has passed from the completion of the game or practice.”

When your neighbor has their tv turned up a bit too high or sounds like they are breaking in a new pair of heels, we ask you to apply the 24-hour rule and take a pause. Find out if the issue was a very small, isolated incident, or if it’s a recurring thing in need of addressing. Furthermore, waiting 24 hours before reaching out to your neighbor or Franklin West allows for the conversation to be calm and effective in solving the issue.

Coping Mechanisms

It’s silly to expect anyone to act completely normal through all this. And it’s completely okay if you recognize you’re not in your usual state of mind. That’s why it’s important now more than ever to find a way to cope with the stresses you’re facing. 

  • Exercise is a great coping mechanism. Find a workout video on YouTube to get your blood moving so your body doesn’t feel neglected. Do your best to free the stresses of your mind by allowing your body to help out. As always, please be cognizant of your downstairs neighbor. Even if you are exercising at “normal” hours, remember that everyone’s “normal” hours are different. If you have hardwood floors and high ceilings, remember that these attractive amenities can cause sound vibrations to be amplified. Simple jumping jacks can sound like a stomping parade to the apartment dweller below. One remedy is investing in additional rugs or mats to dampen the sound and vibration for the benefit of those below.
  • Laughing really is great medicine. Find something that tickles your funny bone and chuckle away! There’s tons of great standup on Netflix and YouTube as well as award-winning comedy shows ripe for the picking. You don’t need to go on a complete binge, but even just a small pick-me-up can brighten up your day and clear your mind.
  • Connect and re-connect with friends and family. You’re no doubt a frequent Zoom user now if you weren’t before. Make an effort to add time to your calendar that isn’t work-related to connect with an old friend group you haven’t spoken to in a while. Drop-in on your best friend or a sibling to see what they’re up to. You can even play some games over a video call. Check out Heads Up in the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Take a nap! If stay-at-home measures have allowed you any more flexibility in your schedule, then listen to your body if it’s tired. Get some good shut-eye and perhaps you’ll wake up after twenty minutes feeling like a million bucks.

Sharing Facilities

When it’s chore day and you have all your laundry to do, be sure to give others their space. Of course, this always applies, but for the health and safety of our communities, it’s especially important now. If it’s a bit too crowded in the laundry room, then revisit later and go do some of your other chores. Don’t have any other chores? Offer to do someone else’s. Just kidding. If it’s nice out, go take a much-needed socially-distanced walk outside and smell the fresh air. In short, just go relax for the time being.

Much of the same applies to common areas as well. Leave space for others so that nobody feels uncomfortable or worried about potential exposures.

What to Expect Regarding Apartment Maintenance

If you have any issues in your apartment, then please submit your requests as usual. As always, we’ll be doing our best to fix any issues in a timely manner. Be mindful of the urgency of your requests.

Our maintenance personnel is dedicated and diligent, but they also want to limit their contact with others in the same way you do. If it takes longer than usual, then we do apologize, but we are trying to look out for everybody’s health and well-being.

That said, do not hesitate to submit your maintenance requests. We want to know of the issues you encounter and keep a record of them when they first appear. Just know that a toilet spewing water into the air like a geyser will likely appear on the maintenance to-do list before a loose knob on a cupboard.

Upcoming Scavenger Hunt

Another way to help with the shortage of things to do at the moment will be our upcoming Franklin West scavenger hunt. We’ll send out more info when it’s all ready, but you’ll have a week to complete it. The scavenger hunt will be composed of a mixture of questions based on walking tours and info available on the Franklin West website. If you have a keen eye for detail and a love for puzzles, then be sure to look out for this upcoming activity for all! (P.S. The winners will receive a gift card to a local shop.)

Keep Doing Your Part

In light of everything happening in the world, we want to thank you for participating in curbing the spread of coronavirus. It’s not a great hand that we’ve all been dealt, but by playing our cards right, we’re sure to come out on top with our communities as healthy as possible. We appreciate you and encourage you to let us know what more we can be doing at this time to make sure you’re as comfortable as can be in your home.

How to Give Your Home the Spring Cleaning It Deserves

We are all spending a bit more time indoors right now. As spring approaches it seems like the perfect time to get some extra cleaning done. Whether you are looking to get rid of the items collecting dust in your closet or to organize the pantry, we put together a list of tips to help you create a clean and organized home, within all the uncertainty. 

First, overhaul your cleaning supplies. 

Before you start cleaning, take inventory of the products you are using. Try to get rid of products with toxins and switch to clean, all-natural products that are still just as effective.

According to the American Lung Association, it’s particularly important to avoid air fresheners and choose products that do not contain (or have reduced amounts of) VOCs, fragrances, irritants, and flammable ingredients.

Franklin West would like to give a friendly reminder not to flush disinfectant wipes down your toilets, including ones that claim to be flushable. Doing so could clog the sewer system causing major damage to your space and the apartment building as a whole.

Kick that smell in the kitchen sink. 

If you have a garbage disposal, try running lemon rind through the drain and then following it with cold water to get rid of the smell. 

Disinfect your knife block. 

The best way to prevent bacteria growth within your knife block is to thoroughly clean and dry knives before returning to storage, but it’s also a good idea to do a more vigorous cleaning once a year, according to Viola Wüsthof, CEO of WÜSTHOF knives. 

For a deep clean:

  1. Submerge the knife block into a mixture of one gallon of lukewarm water and one tablespoon of household bleach. 
  2. Let the wooden block soak in the mixture for two minutes. 
  3. Turn upside-down onto a dry towel to air dry completely.

Dust your ceiling fans. 

In addition to keeping your house germ-free, it is also allergy season, so pesky allergens are also floating around. Protect your space by placing a drop cloth or an old sheet twice the size of the blade span, on the floor. Use an extendable wooly duster to wipe the span of the blades. Pick up the drop cloth, shake outside, and wash.

Clean your refrigerator. 

You probably wipe down your fridge’s interior shelving on the regular already, but don’t forget about the rest. Pop-out the door shelves and bins, and wash in warm, soapy water to get rid of food bacteria and spillage.

Clean windows on a shady day. 

To get those crystal clear windows you only see on commercials, wait to clean your windows on a cloudy day. When the windows are warmed by the sun, the cleaning solution can streak leaving unwanted marks. Save the window washing session for a good, cloudy Pittsburgh day. 

Clean the kids toys. 

Don’t overlook the dishwasher in dire times. It can be the perfect companion when washing kids’ (and even your dogs’!) toys. Choose the crystal or quick cycle and skip the heated dry. For stuffed animals, check the care tag first and then gather in a mesh bag or pillowcase and throw in the washer on a gentle cycle.

Purify the air. 

When the weather starts to warm up, leave the windows open for a few hours to release the stagnant air that filled your house all winter. Take this opportunity to swap out dirty filters and grab an electrostatic duster to clean grime from ceiling fans. 

Keep a clean mattress. 

Did you know we spend 3,000 hours a year in our beds? That’s the equivalent of four months! Keeping the mattress super clean, and rotating it a few times a year is important. To clean the mattress, vacuum the surface. Then, sprinkle on a mixture of baking soda and a few drops of essential oil (lavender promotes relaxation.) Let this sit for a couple of hours, then, vacuum the baking soda mixture away.

Scour the grout. 

Grout can get gross, but you don’t need harsh chemicals like bleach to get to the bottom of this mess. A homemade solution of warm water, ¼ cup of vinegar, and one tablespoon of dish soap should do the trick. 

Clean out bags or purses. 

Take everything out, toss trash, and organize items by category. Use organizers to keep small items in place, and wipe down the exterior with a disinfectant wipe while you’re at it. 

Don’t forget your cell phone. 

While we don’t always think about it, our cell phone is actually said to be dirtier than a toilet seat or the bottom of your shoe. Take the case off, swipe a disinfectant wipe over the entire surface of your phone. Then do the same to the case before replacing it.

Franklin West Resident Reminders

As guidelines change daily with COVID, Franklin West is taking extra effort to put the safety of our residents first. Here are a few reminders specific to our residents.

  • Trash Disposal – make sure trash is tightly sealed. 
  • Loaner Vacuum is Still Available – to borrow our “loaner vacuum,” call the office and we will have it placed right outside of your apartment door.
  • Laundry Rooms are Open – we are focused on maintaining a clean and sanitized laundry rooms in our building for your safety.

There’s a lot you can accomplish while at home to continue to feel productive when you can’t run your weekly errands. Focus on spring cleaning for fulfillment instead. Looking for products to help you get organized. Check out this article featuring the best-selling organizational products on Amazon.

Superior Apartment Living in Pittsburgh With Franklin West

On the hunt for a new apartment in Pittsburgh? Franklin West has every type and size from studios to townhouses and new construction to historic landmarks. Want an apartment with character? We got that! How about charm? Check! What about convenience to local shops, eateries, and amenities? Double-check! 

As Spring gets closer, our leasing season here at Franklin West picks up rather quickly. Many of our Shadyside apartments will become available now through May and are already being listed on our site.

If you’re searching for a new place to call home in a wonderful Pittsburgh neighborhood, look no further than our soon to be available apartments listed below!  

How to Tour Franklin West Apartments

Hunting for an apartment can be frustrating. It’s important to our team to keep our scheduling process easy as a breeze. There are two ways to schedule a tour with us:

  1. Send us an email inquiry directly through our website here
  2. Call us directly at 412-661-1151

Our priority is with inquiring eyes and our current residents. Not only do we make every effort to give our residents notice as to when their apartment might be shown, but having the opportunity to talk with you directly helps us learn what type of apartment suits your needs. This way we make the best use of your time and show you apartments that meet your criteria.

We schedule appointments Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. Plus, at the start of March, we will also offer Saturday appointments from 9 am to 4 pm. Keep in mind, Saturday appointments book up well in advance. Don’t delay in scheduling your appointment!

How to View Available Apartments

As soon as we hear that one of our current residents move on, we promptly list the apartment on our website. 

Visit our available apartments in Shadyside here. You can search our apartments by price, the number of bedrooms, and move-in date. Plus, most of our apartments allow you to browse through photos and floorplans.

If you’re looking to move into a wonderful space in one of Pittsburgh’s best neighborhoods, give us a call or check out our website. We’re happy to help you find your new home.

Ways to Add Spooktacular Decor to Your Space this Halloween

We’re nearly there! There are less than 90 days left in 2019. Can you believe it? 

The end of the year is the most fun. After all, it’s time to decorate for the holidays. The start of Fall means all things pumpkin, sweater weather, and adorable decor. 

Plus, spooky season is right around the corner. We can’t end October without adding cauldrons and spider webs to our apartments. 

Here are a few ways to get into the Halloween spirit with your apartment decor! 

Add Some Spook to Your Space

One way to add a little spook to any room is by a flock of flying bats. All you need is black felt or construction paper and cut out various sized bats. See the tutorial and get a free bat template from Ella Claire & Co!

If using tape on your walls is against the lease, grab sticky tack at the local convenience store. You’ll be able to hang out the bats on the walls without the worry of marks or damage. 

Here’s a fun little tip! Most of Franklin West’s apartments have fireplaces, so placing those flying critters as if they were flying into your space from the chimney will definitely add spook. Be careful not to place anything flammable inside the fireplace!

Of course, it doesn’t have to be bats. You could do a witch, a black cat, or a few pumpkins. It’s all up to your spooktacular imagination!

Image from Ella Claire Inspired via the website

A New Take on a Pumpkin Tradition

Part of the fun with Halloween is carving out pumpkins. Whether you’re carving a terrifying ghoul or a comical face, carving a pumpkin is just tradition!

When you live in an apartment though carving pumpkins might get a little tricky. 

If you have a private deck or outside space you’re good to go. If not, get your hands on plenty of newspapers. But wait! There are a few alternatives to carving a messy pumpkin. One that won’t start to rot in a week. 

Create your own paper mache jack-o-lanterns! It’s a fun and a cleaner alternative to actual pumpkins. You can you the old, plastic grocery bags that you have lying around in your cabinet, grab some tape, and materials to get your paper mache on!

Check out this tutorial by CrookTribe to see how a paper mache pumpkin can come to life.

Image is a screengrab from CrookTribe’s original video from Youtube.

Where to go in Shadyside for Fabulous Halloween decor?

Not really a crafty person? We’ve got you covered. Here are five local shops where you may find some awesome Halloween decor – 

  1. PenHollows on South Highland Ave
  2. The Picket Fence on Walnut Street
  3. Kards Unlimited on Walnut Street
  4. Glassworks on Walnut Street
  5. Shadyside Variety Store on Walnut Street

Happy Halloween!?

Instagram Influencers with the Best Home Decor Inspiration

Whether you live in a 900 square-foot apartment or a two-story house, setting up a space to become your own is one of the most satisfying things in life. 

We get inspiration from friends, HGTV, or from that trip to the beach. But one of our favorite ways to get inspiration is checking out Instagram!

Let’s take a deeper look into some of our favorite Instagram influencers and how they decorate their unique space. 

Ashley || @MyBohemianHouse

My Bohemian House is all about, you guessed it, the bohemian style and the decor is awe-worthy! Over 160 Instagrammers flock to this page for inspiration.  

Check out Ashley’s Instagram for the best of Turkish rugs, greenery love, and awesome furniture.  

photo credit: My Bohemian House Instagram 

Designs By Ceres || The Pink Dream

The Pink Dream’s Instagram is as if Ceres plucked a colorful sunset right out of the sky and dropped it into a home. And no, we’re not exaggerating. 

The soft pink with hints of orange and purple against a white canvas creates breath-taking inspiration for any home or apartment owner. Click here to check up on Ceres’ blog and browse through the exact decor she has in her home.

photo credit: Designs by Ceres, The Pink Dream Instagram

Kate Arends || Wit and Delight

Kate Arends is the brilliant host behind Wit and Delight. She’s the founder of a “different kind of lifestyle brand,” telling real stories from the perspective of her raw experiences. 

We love her and her home decor style is ah-mazing. From artsy book nooks to gallery walls you’ll absolutely find inspiration here. 

Want to learn more about Kate’s story, click here!

Photo credit: Wit and Delight Instagram

Jen Jones || I Heart Organizing

Let’s face it, a messy room can make you want to just close the door and never look at it again. Out of sight out of mind, right? 

Unfortunately, real-life doesn’t work that way. Though getting organized does take a lot of effort, Jen Jones definitely has it down. 

Jen is the owner of the I heart Organizing Instagram page where she is all about DIY ways of cutting out clutter. And she is a genius! Check out her Instagram for tips on how to take advantage of your space.  

photo credit: I Heart Organizing Instagram

Aneth Parintosa || Putu Decor

We’re big fans of Aneth Parintosa and Putu Decor. One of the reasons is Aneth shares the journey of her interior design ventures with her Instagram followers. 

We will say Aneth is not afraid to play with colors! From a kitchen with bright yellow cabinets to a purple/blue kid’s bedroom. It’s very cool to see the before and after photos. 

photo credit: Putu Decor Instagram

Disi Fei || Champagne and Sequins

Did you know Disi Fei is the co-founder of Sprezza Box? Not only that, Disi’s Instagram will rock your home decor socks off! 

She shows her Instagram followers how she brings her style to life in her studio apartment space and we’re jealous because it’s gorgeous. Check out Champagne and Sequins for wonderful apartment decor inspiration.

Photo credit: Champagne and Sequins Instagram

Michael Wurm Jr. || Inspired by Charm

This Pittsburgh native is inspiring us with charm, literally. Michael Wurm Jr. has a fabulous Instagram page called Inspired by Charm. 

His goal is to help you create a happy place. Michael is all about Fall in his recent posts and it has us swooning. 

Check out the Inspired by Charm blog for all things home!

photo credit: Inspired by Charm Instagram

Maryah Greene || Greene Piece

Last, but absolutely not least Maryah Greene is the owner behind the Instagram page Greene Piece. Maryah believes everyone is entitled to an affordable, functional green space. 

This page is fun and full of green! If you are thinking about adding a little green to your apartment this is the Instagram page to follow. She even offers free plant care advice.

Want to learn more about Maryah’s story, click here.

photo credit: Greene Piece Instagram

That’s a wrap on some of our favorite Instagram influencers. We hope you were able to take away some awesome home or apartment decor inspiration!

5 Ways to Stop the Sneezing Torture of Allergy Season

It’s starting to get warmer out and trees are beginning to turn green again. Unfortunately, this also means it’s peak allergy season. Let the days of non-stop sneezing, watery eyes, and itchy throat begin!

We’ve all experienced that first sign of allergy season. You open your front door to a noticeable layer of pollen on everything from your car to porch chairs. It’s enough to make us sneeze for days.

We might not be able to completely get rid of allergies, but we can slow them down. Here are tips from reputable sources that can help you reduce allergens at home.

1. Vacuum Every 4 Days

WebMD suggests vacuuming once or twice every week. Obviously, it’s good practice to frequently vacuum your carpeting so that dust and pollen don’t linger in your home. But, using the right vacuum filter can actually make a world of difference.

Make sure your vacuum is equipped with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter! These filters are built with fine mesh trapping harmful particles like pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and tobacco smoke.

You can find HEPA filters in home improvement stores like Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot as well as online.

2. Allergy Proof Your Bedroom

Whether it’s taking a snooze or binging your favorite show, you spend a ton of time in your bedroom. Nothing is more miserable than getting cozy in bed and having to get up again because your nose is running. How frustrating is that!

Everyday Health recommends you wash your bed sheets and pillow cases at least once a week. The key is to wash in hot water and hot dry.

Now, you may be tempted to save energy by letting those sheets dry outside, but that’s only going to make things worse. Pollen and dander will stick to those sheets and your effort of washing them will go out the window.

3. Keep Your Shoes at the Door

There’s a reason parents always said to take your shoes off at the door. When you’re out and going about your day, you essentially become a walking chauffeur for pollen, dirt, and other irritants.

This Old House says always keep a doormat on the inside of your door as well as making sure shoes remain there can help reduce the potential for irritants to be tracked throughout your home.

After a day spent outdoors, the best thing you can do is wipe your shoes on a mat before entering your home, immediately take off your shoes, change your clothing and make sure those outdoor clothes go straight to the laundry room or hamper.

4. Mold Free Bathrooms are the Happiest

Seeing mold begin to form in a bathroom is one sure sign you need to get cleaning. Mold forms from built-up humidity left by showering. This is why it’s so important to keep your ventilation fan on during and after showering.

To keep mold from forming, wipe down your tub, sink, and around your toilet at least once a week. Don’t forget about under your sink, too! Usually what’s under your sink collects a ton of dust because it’s not a place we interact with.

Health.com also recommends you ditch the vinyl shower curtains because they’re known to emit lung-irritating compounds. Your best bet is using nylon curtains that can be washed when needed.

5. To the Windows

We get it. It’s summertime and there’s just something right about keeping the windows open. We aren’t saying you’re forbidden from opening the windows, but there are times where you really should have them closed.

Have you ever kept the windows open during the night only to wake up with a stuffy nose? Oh, the dreaded allergy-filled morning! This happens because pollen counts are at their highest in the mornings and during night time.

We all know how dirty windows can get. There’s a layer of pollen on the outer side. There’s dust built up around the edges, and oh my goodness, is that a dead fly?

The one and probably most helpful thing you can do is regularly wipe down your windows, and at Franklin West apartments, we’ll take care of the outer side of the windows.

You can also make sure the curtains you use are machine washable. If you don’t have curtains, use microfiber cleaning cloths or disposable dust wipes when you’re dusting off the blinds.

5 Tip Round-Up

  1. Vacuum twice a week using a HEPA filter for maximum cleaning
  2. Wash your bedding once a week with hot water and machine dry
  3. Avoid tracking dirt and pollen through your home by removing your shoes at the door
  4. Keep mold and mildew from growing in your bathroom by running your ventilation system during and after showering.
  5. Make sure your windows stay closed during the night and mornings.  

How to Avoid Destruction with Your Apartment Plumbing

Let’s talk about your toilet. Yes, you read that right. We said toilet.

More specifically, we’re covering what should and shouldn’t be going down the grand porcelain throne, a kitchen sink, or garbage disposal. Every now and again, one bad egg clogs the plumbing system causing the whole building to suffer.

Good plumbing practices mean a building full of happy tenants and that’s what Franklin West strives for.

Here is a list of items you need to think twice about putting through your building’s plumbing.

Garbage Disposal Don’ts

To keep your garbage disposal working efficiently, one good rule of thumb is to avoid shoving large quantities of things down it. The following items should never go down a garbage disposal:

  1. Coffee Grounds
  2. Pasta, Rice, Oatmeal, or other foods that expand
  3. Bones
  4. Nuts/Pits
  5. Onion Skins
  6. Egg Shells
  7. Pumpkin, Celery, or other Fibrous Vegetables
  8. Potato Peels
  9. Chemicals/Paint
  10. Corn Husks
  11. Trash

This list came from The Family Handyman, which you can read in greater detail on why these items can become a big problem.

If your kitchen sink doesn’t have a garbage disposal, you should not put anything down the drain. Please use a kitchen sink strainer basket to ensure that nothing other than water and dish cleaning soap goes through the drain.

Lavatory Don’ts

The following items should never be flushed down the commode:

  1. Baby Wipes (even those marketed as being flushable)
  2. Q-tips & Cotton Swabs
  3. Menstrual Products
  4. Condoms
  5. Diapers
  6. Dental Floss
  7. Paper Towels & Tissues
  8. Medication
  9. Cigarette Buds
  10. Kitty Litter
  11. Hair
  12. Gum
  13. Cooking Grease
  14. Fish
  15. Food
  16. Bleach

In short, only toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet. Read more about why these items are not good for bathroom plumbing from House Beautiful.

Spot the Problem… Before It’s a Really BIG Problem

How do you know if one drain versus your entire plumbing system is backed up?

Even if everyone in our apartments follows our guidance above, external situations out of our control can cause a sewage system to back up. So, what are the warning signs?  One sign of a sewer drain clog is when more than one plumbing fixture backs up at the same time. You may even experience unusual sounds coming from the fixtures in your apartment.

With plumbing problems, whether it be a slow drain, a clog or a potential sewage backup, please CALL our office at 412-661-1151 as soon as you notice a problem, no matter what time of day or night!