6 Must-Visit Shadyside Eateries for Tasty Fall Flavors!

What warms the soul better than pumpkin and apple flavors. The crisp weather has us ready to cuddle up in a warm sweater by a fire with some of Fall’s wonderful flavors. 

Where can you experience these yummy flavors? From endless desserts to tasty meals with favorite Fall veggies, here are some of the eateries around our Shadyside neighborhood you should visit to warm your bones. 

Gluuteny Bakery

The sight of delightful Sugar Skull cookies and the sweet smell of caramel apple macarons has us running to the Gluuteny Bakery. But this isn’t your average bakery. 

Gluuteny Bakery is on a mission to offer wonderfully tasting and allergy-friendly treats daily. Yes, that includes gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and soy-free options. 

Photo credit to Gluuteny Bakery via Instagram

Prantls Bakery

Bakeries are an excellent place to shake off the chilly weather. Prantls Bakery makes for a great stop! A walk over to Walnut Street, Prantls has a Fall menu of fantastic treats with apple pies, cranberry nut loaf, pumpkin spice cake and so much more.

Photo credit to Prantls Bakery via Instagram


Sidestepping the sweet treats for just a moment. Let’s move to a different kind of dough. Bagels! 

Brueggers is serving up pumpkin bagels, pumpkin cream cheese, and pumpkin spice latte. Grab the fall taste with authentic NYC-styled bagels right here in our Shadyside neighborhood.  

Photo credit to Brueggers via Instagram


Delivering high-quality, wholesome, and simple foods, Honeygrow has a passion for “creating awesome things through the lens of nourishing foods.”

The Fall menu is out now. Head over to South Highland Ave for some Harvest Soba, or a stir-fry with seasonal vegetables like roasted parsnips, curly kale, and pomegranate seeds.

Photo credit to Honeygrow via Instagram

Mad Mex Shadyside 

Mad Mex brings a unique blend of American, Mexican, Southeast Asia, and Spanish cuisines to their dishes creating something special and incredibly delicious. But, for this blog, we’re more interested in one of their drinks. 

The Apple Cider Margarita with its caramel-sugar coated rim causes quite the commotion during the Fall season.

Is it five o’clock yet?

Photo Credit to Mad Mex via Instagram

Salud Juicery

If fresh-pressed, healthy juice and smoothies are more your style, Salud Juicery is your place. This team is serving a few Fall-inspired juices like Pom Cha-Cha that features pomegranates, apple and chia seeds, or The Beet Goes On featuring beets, apples, ginger and more. 

Photo Credit to Salud Juicery via Instagram

The best of Fall flavors are all over our neighborhood. A little chilly weather can’t stop us from visiting these local, tasty eateries. Enjoy Fall while it lasts. After all, Winter will be here sooner than we know it.