Franklin West Adapts to Mandatory All-In-One Recycling

We get it. Recycling sometimes seems like a chore rather than doing a good deed. Having to sort and keep trash separate can become a tedious task for life in an apartment. Not to mention, finding the space to keep the trash separate. Next thing you know, the mail and milk cartons are stacking up at your apartment door because you forgot to take them out with the regular trash.

Republic Services, the company contracted to haul waste from many of Franklin West apartment buildings, wants to take the difficulty out of recycling. At the beginning of 2018, Republic Services introduced mandatory All-In-One Recycling. This means using one container! With no more sorting, you will be reaping the many benefits of doing your part to save the world while saving time and space.

Each ton of recycled paper can save:

  • 17 Trees
  • 380 Gallons of Oil
  • 3 Cubic Yards of Landfill Space
  • 4,000 Kilowatts of Energy
  • 7,000 Gallons of Water

Here’s a refresher on what you can and can not put in your apartment building’s recycling container.

Do Recycle

  • Metal: Aluminum, Bi-Metal, Steel Food Cans (Don’t forget to rinse first!)
  • Plastics: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #7 (Click here for further definition of plastic criteria)
  • Glass: Clear, Green, & Brown Glass Containers
  • Paper: Magazines, Advertising Inserts, Junk Mail, Phone Books, Newspaper, Envelopes, Catalogs, Paperback Books, Coupons/Receipts, Computer Paper
  • Paperboard Boxes: Cereal, Juice, and Tissue Boxes
  • Cardboard & Cardboard Boxes: Just toss it in the bin!
  • Cartons: Milk, Almond/Soy Milk, Cream and Orange Juice Cartons

Don’t Recycle

  • NO Garbage, Food Waste, or Hazardous Waste
  • NO #6 Plastics (Polystyrene or more commonly styrofoam containers or packing peanuts)
  • NO Styrofoam or Fast Food Wrappers
  • NO Pizza Boxes
  • NO Lids – Plastic or Metal
  • NO Pie Pans – Aluminum or Foil
  • NO Paper Towel Rolls or Toilet Paper Rolls
  • NO Shredded Paper
  • NO Ceramics
  • NO Light Bulbs or Ceramics
  • NO Tempered or Plate Glass
  • NO Plastic Bags (not even the blue ones from the grocery store!)
    • Use Grocery Store Drop-Off Area for these Bags


This move to All-In-One Recycling stems from a global effort to dispose of waste more efficiently. The New York Times reported a worldwide backup in disposal efforts when China announced just last year that it would severely limit the amount and types of waste that is brought into the country.

The very familiar “blue” plastic grocery bags not only interfere with the ability to process and sort recycling efficiently, but they are among the items specifically being targeted by China’s new ban. In short, many materials that were once deemed recyclable, no longer are. With this ban, many municipalities where Franklin West properties are located are now having to quickly revise their guidelines in response. Once revised municipal guidelines are published in response to these new rules, we will certainly let you know.

Efforts in protecting the environment don’t just lie with you. This is a global stand to maintain a safe environment for generations to come. With the help of Republic Services easy All-In-One Recycling system, you too can help paint the bigger picture.