Instagram Influencers with the Best Home Decor Inspiration

Whether you live in a 900 square-foot apartment or a two-story house, setting up a space to become your own is one of the most satisfying things in life. 

We get inspiration from friends, HGTV, or from that trip to the beach. But one of our favorite ways to get inspiration is checking out Instagram!

Let’s take a deeper look into some of our favorite Instagram influencers and how they decorate their unique space. 

Ashley || @MyBohemianHouse

My Bohemian House is all about, you guessed it, the bohemian style and the decor is awe-worthy! Over 160 Instagrammers flock to this page for inspiration.  

Check out Ashley’s Instagram for the best of Turkish rugs, greenery love, and awesome furniture.  

photo credit: My Bohemian House Instagram 

Designs By Ceres || The Pink Dream

The Pink Dream’s Instagram is as if Ceres plucked a colorful sunset right out of the sky and dropped it into a home. And no, we’re not exaggerating. 

The soft pink with hints of orange and purple against a white canvas creates breath-taking inspiration for any home or apartment owner. Click here to check up on Ceres’ blog and browse through the exact decor she has in her home.

photo credit: Designs by Ceres, The Pink Dream Instagram

Kate Arends || Wit and Delight

Kate Arends is the brilliant host behind Wit and Delight. She’s the founder of a “different kind of lifestyle brand,” telling real stories from the perspective of her raw experiences. 

We love her and her home decor style is ah-mazing. From artsy book nooks to gallery walls you’ll absolutely find inspiration here. 

Want to learn more about Kate’s story, click here!

Photo credit: Wit and Delight Instagram

Jen Jones || I Heart Organizing

Let’s face it, a messy room can make you want to just close the door and never look at it again. Out of sight out of mind, right? 

Unfortunately, real-life doesn’t work that way. Though getting organized does take a lot of effort, Jen Jones definitely has it down. 

Jen is the owner of the I heart Organizing Instagram page where she is all about DIY ways of cutting out clutter. And she is a genius! Check out her Instagram for tips on how to take advantage of your space.  

photo credit: I Heart Organizing Instagram

Aneth Parintosa || Putu Decor

We’re big fans of Aneth Parintosa and Putu Decor. One of the reasons is Aneth shares the journey of her interior design ventures with her Instagram followers. 

We will say Aneth is not afraid to play with colors! From a kitchen with bright yellow cabinets to a purple/blue kid’s bedroom. It’s very cool to see the before and after photos. 

photo credit: Putu Decor Instagram

Disi Fei || Champagne and Sequins

Did you know Disi Fei is the co-founder of Sprezza Box? Not only that, Disi’s Instagram will rock your home decor socks off! 

She shows her Instagram followers how she brings her style to life in her studio apartment space and we’re jealous because it’s gorgeous. Check out Champagne and Sequins for wonderful apartment decor inspiration.

Photo credit: Champagne and Sequins Instagram

Michael Wurm Jr. || Inspired by Charm

This Pittsburgh native is inspiring us with charm, literally. Michael Wurm Jr. has a fabulous Instagram page called Inspired by Charm. 

His goal is to help you create a happy place. Michael is all about Fall in his recent posts and it has us swooning. 

Check out the Inspired by Charm blog for all things home!

photo credit: Inspired by Charm Instagram

Maryah Greene || Greene Piece

Last, but absolutely not least Maryah Greene is the owner behind the Instagram page Greene Piece. Maryah believes everyone is entitled to an affordable, functional green space. 

This page is fun and full of green! If you are thinking about adding a little green to your apartment this is the Instagram page to follow. She even offers free plant care advice.

Want to learn more about Maryah’s story, click here.

photo credit: Greene Piece Instagram

That’s a wrap on some of our favorite Instagram influencers. We hope you were able to take away some awesome home or apartment decor inspiration!