How to Get a More Satisfying Work-Out at Home

Some gyms have recently opened up again for business, but not everybody is hitting the gym just yet. If you’re eager to get back to your regular workout routine, know that the staff is likely taking precautions in ensuring you have a safe, healthy, and positive experience.

On the other hand, if you’re waiting until you’re 100% ready for a gym excursion, then check out some excellent ways you can get in your workout at home.

Resistance Bands

These economical pieces of equipment are great for a total body workout. These versatile rubber bands will work your legs, glutes, chest, shoulders, and arms. They take up very little space and you can even bring them with you for an outdoor workout or pack them up before your next travels.

Ready to get started? Here’s a guided 30-minute full-body routine from HASfit.

Exercise Balls

These are great for plenty of reasons. Need an extra seat while watching TV in the living room? Inflate one of these and you’re good to go. Tired of sitting on the same old desk chair for hours on end? Mix it up with an exercise ball. You can get a great stretch in, prop up your legs for some push-ups, or get a satisfying core workout.

Check out this full-body strengthening video from once you have your very own exercise ball.

Yoga Mat

One of these isn’t a must for yoga, but it makes the activity much more comfortable. Mats vary in thickness, but some of the more common ones are just thick enough for some padding, but thin enough so you can roll it up and store it away easily. Aside from the padding a mat provides, it offers insulation from the ground as well as a non-slip surface so you don’t slide around during your routine.

Time for a stretch! This yoga exercise from Makeba offers a great way to get started.

Stationary Bike

You don’t need a Peloton for an indoor cycling exercise. Any stationary bike you find will do the trick as long as it’s in working condition. A stationary bike with variable resistance will allow for a satisfying cardio workout. There are plenty of videos online you can follow along with. FitnessBlender has a ton of free workout videos including this cycling routine.

Already have a regular bike? Take a spin outside through many of Pittsburgh’s bike paths and trails. If you have a bicycle, not only do many Franklin West apartments have in-building storage lockers or bike areas to keep your bike safe, but one of our Shadyside area apartment buildings has a large bike room for our residents to use.

On the other hand, if you’d still rather stay indoors, you can convert your usual bike into a stationary one with a stationary stand, too.


Get your hands on some dumbbells for a traditional strength training routine. You can get these on a rack with a variety of sizes, a bar with a selection of plates, or choose a set with a dial for inputting your preferred weight if you don’t have space for a rack. Check out the secondary marketplace if you have trouble finding dumbbells from your usual retailers. 

Dive right in with 21 upper body dumbbell exercises from Redefining Strength.

Medicine Ball

Medicine balls provide many of the benefits as dumbbells in a different form factor. Whereas with dumbbells, you may not be inclined to toss them around in the air, medicine balls are designed for this sort of maneuverability. There are fantastic core exercises, and it makes for a more interactive experience if you’re working out with a partner.

Hit the ground running with your medicine ball with this 30-minute workout from Qinetic Live.

Pull-Up Bar

The pull-up bar is another classic gym staple. But you don’t need to visit the gym to take advantage of it. These can be found in many shapes and sizes so you may get your pull-ups in at home. 

There are standalone devices that include a sturdy base with lateral supports and a bar up top. If you don’t have space, then a standalone bar for your doorway will work like a charm. You can even install one without drilling, nails, or screws, which is very convenient when renting. 

Aside from standard pull-ups, there are plenty of attachments available so you can add more variety within your pull-up bar routine. Need some pull-up inspiration? Watch this quick demo from Adidas Runtastic of 11 exercises you can accomplish on a bar.


Maybe this one isn’t the best for an in-home workout unless you have a treadmill, but the outdoors await. Sure, there are plenty of parks and trails throughout Pittsburgh, but Shadyside is also known for its runnable community. 

Take advantage of a light run while practicing social distancing and getting some fresh air. The same goes for hiking, walking, or even biking! 


These pieces of equipment are perfect for apartment use. Don’t forget to clean your equipment after use! Wiping your equipment down after use, as you would at a gym, will help your things last longer, eliminate any odors, and kills any germs left behind after working up a sweat. 

With plenty of options available, hopefully, you’ve seen something that resonates with your workout interests. As always, please be courteous to your neighbors as you go through your exercise routine!