What to Expect as Shadyside Goes Green

Have you noticed it? Our community is starting to flourish again as local businesses and eateries reopen to the public, and more people are out enjoying the days. All because earlier this month, Allegheny County entered the Green Phase of its COVID-19 response. 

Although this may not mean a complete return to the normalcy, it is an improvement that residents of the county have worked hard toward! These are some of the notable changes brought about by the Green Phase:

Sourced image from Pa Gov – Responding to COVID-19

Shop till You Drop

Many of your favorite businesses will be open with restrictions on occupancy. Be mindful of keeping an appropriate distance from staff and patrons, and wear a mask when required.

In-person by appointment

Footloose Shadyside

Rex Glass & Mirror (also curbside)

Penhollows (also online)

Walk-ins (with precautions)

e.b. Pepper 


Kards Unlimited


Pursuits Pittsburgh

Roberta Weissburg Leathers

Eons Fashion

Ten Toes

Dina Ellen

Shadyside Variety Store

Walk-ins + by appointment 

Picket Fence Shadyside

Shop Kawaii 

Caesar’s Designs (also online, curbside pick-up, or delivery)


Henne Jewelers (also online)

Where to Grab a Bite

Looking to get back to your favorite restaurants? They’ve been waiting for you. Check out what’s open and get your grub on. Many restaurants ask that you respect distancing guidelines and wear a mask, so keep this in mind before you go.




SenYai Thai Kitchen


The Fireside Public House


Urban Tap

East End Brewing

Cafe Zinho

Stack’d Burgers

Adda Coffee & Tea House

Cappy’s Cafe



Fujiya Ramen

Muddy Waters Oyster Bar

Bird On The Run

Kahuna Poke and Juice Bar

Pizza Taglio

Prantl’s Bakery

Point Brugge Cafe



Paris 66 Bistro

Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream

Keep in mind this list and details may change and does not reflect all information. Be patient with local businesses as they are working to keep you safe and offer the very best service!

Ensuring the health and safety of residents is the primary goal of Franklin West and its staff. We’re glad to see Allegheny County in this new phase. It’s worth keeping in mind, this was only possible due to the compliance of individuals throughout the state. 

There is still much to be done to combat COVID-19. Continue to be diligent in your efforts to closely follow guidelines and curb its spread. All of these changes reflect measures outlined on pa.gov.