Local Stores to Shop for the latest Fall Fashion

The thermometer is settling down. Shorts and tees are making their way into closets until the spring. It’s officially time for your favorite fall and cold-weather outfits.

Be it jeans and leggings, flannels and cardigans, or even puffy parkas for those who don’t tolerate the chill so well: Shadyside has stores with your style in stock. Check out just a few of the local offerings and pay a visit for this season’s wardrobe expansion.

Pursuits Pittsburgh

This women’s clothing and accessories store is showing off its fall 2020 collection in-store and on Instagram. If you’re looking for a traditional department store, you won’t find it here. This boutique shop will ensure the garments you choose will be unique to you. If you’re running low on face masks or you always misplace the ones you do have, they sell those too.

Pursuits Pittsburgh on Instagram

Photo Credit: Pursuits Pittsburgh via Instagram


Gap carries many of the classic styles we’ve all loved for years. With selections for men, women, and children, everybody will leave happy with some great seasonal attire. Check out some of the sales going on and dive into their inventory for activewear, maternity clothes, accessories, and more.

Apricot Lane Boutique

This nationwide boutique chain has its only Pennsylvania location right on Walnut St. Their Instagram account alone will inspire your own fall fashion ideas. If the outside world is already too chilly, you can buy online and await your new garments on your doorstep. Classic plaid favorites and chunky knit sweaters will keep you warm and are plentiful here.

Apricot Lane Boutique on Instagram

Photo Credit: Apricot Lane Boutique via Instagram

Hey Betty!

This vintage clothing store features throwback styles for men and women. The storefront has remained closed throughout the pandemic, but the Etsy store remains open for orders. This isn’t just any thrift store. All the attire here has been painstakingly curated for the love of all that is vintage clothing. Stay warm with a classic coat or an antique scarf.

Panache Boutique

This East End boutique in Highland Park is all about personal touch. A favorite of shoppers for over 35 years, Panache is dedicated to providing globally and ethically sourced clothing made up of organic and sustainable fabrics. Shopping at Panache just feels good – especially with all the help you’ll receive in finding your own style. Inventory changes with the seasons, so find Panache on Instagram @PanachePGH and shop your favorite fall styles.

You can find your style all around Shadyside. Just pop in with a mask and browse to your heart’s content. Or order online – whatever floats your boat.