Smart Home Gadgets to Liven Up Your Space!

There are plenty of ways you can make an apartment your own. Your design and decor is an extension of your own personality and interests. Spending some time on the aesthetic of your place will allow a level of comfort suitable for your lifestyle. 

After working on creating your ideal space, why not let that space work for you? Many pieces of smart home tech exist for your benefit, comfort, and ease. Here are some favorites you should check out.

Smart Home Speakers

  • Amazon Echo speakers feature one of the best virtual assistants available all within a small, space-saving device. If you don’t like fiddling with your phone when you play a song, then leave it to Alexa. It’s also great at compiling shopping lists for the grocery store.

  • Google Home speakers achieve many of the same results as Amazon Echo. The biggest perk here is the Google ecosystem. It’s no secret; Google has answers to almost any question you may have. All you have to do is ask with your voice rather than with your fingers. These speakers come in a few sizes including the Home Mini, which gives you all the same benefits in roughly the footprint of a hockey puck.

  • Sonos smart home speakers shine brightest where it matters most for speakers – audio quality. If you’re all about the music, then these devices will deliver. Gone are the days of wiring all your speakers via walls and ceilings. Simply plug in the speaker, follow the setup instructions on the dedicated app, and enjoy. A real bonus here is the availability of both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Exercising your preference is one of the many perks of a Sonos speaker.

Smart Lighting

Philips Hue lights are remarkable for creating your desired ambiance. These bulbs come in different shapes and sizes including LED light strips. 

Control them all with a dedicated app or play “scenes” with 3rd party apps. A scene simulates different effects with lights. This may mean the flickering colors of candlelight, the vivid explosions of fireworks, or the sudden flashes of lightning. 

You can even turn these lights on and off using the virtual assistant in your smartphone or your smart speaker.

Smart TV

Not all TVs are made equal, but an Amazon Firestick can change this. The same goes for a Roku or an Apple TV. Supercharge your TV with one of these if you haven’t already. 

You’ll get the best programming the world has ever known with a selection of streaming apps for your viewing pleasure. Sure, you know about Netflix, Hulu, and HBO, but how about Hoopla? A free membership from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Hoopla offers free access to its movie titles, music, audiobooks, and eBooks. 

Don’t just decorate your home. Make your space work for you using the latest in-home technology.