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4 Apartment Approved Ways For Beautiful Fall Decoration

The crisp cool air of Fall finally made its debut in Pittsburgh. It’s time to bring out the pumpkins and flannel blankets!

Decorating for everyone’s favorite season can be a little tricky when you live in an apartment. More times than not, there are restrictions on apartment decor. Things like limited space, nailing or taping items are a no-no because it pulls the paint off the wall, so on and so forth.  

What is the easiest way to get into the holiday spirit when apartment living leaves you a little restricted? We gathered a few Fall decor tips just for you and give a few Shadyside shops where you can find them.

1. Subtle Center Piece

You can’t go wrong with a centerpiece full of autumn flowers. Whether you do real flowers in a white vase or fake flowers in a pumpkin. Just make sure you stick to warm colored flowers like oranges, deep reds, purples, and yellows. So be on the lookout for Sunflowers, Asiatic lilies, Dahlias, Gerberas, Berry Branches, and even Wheat.

Toadflax is the place to go for unique items, home decor, and a wide variety of seasonal flowers. Just look at these gorgeous mums from last year’s fall inventory! Their orange color would add a pop of warmth to any room.

If you don’t want to go the flower route, you can’t go wrong with pumpkins and gourds. There are endless possibilities here. We’ll leave it to the professionals on this one. House Beautiful did a wonderful job of collecting 30 different ways to design a centerpiece for your dining table. Whether you have a table that sits 12 or 2, you’ll definitely get inspiration here.

It’s true you’ll find all sized pumpkins at any grocery stores including Trader Joe’s. Though if you’re looking to support local shops, head out to the Shadyside Nursery!

Another option is enjoying a Saturday morning shopping from the local farmers at the Farmer’s Market Coop. of East Liberty!. The vendors have it all including pumpkins, squash, corn stalks, Indian corn decor, fresh cider, and even a variety of Fall meat options.

2. Cozy Up with Patterns

Fall means the air starts to get a little chilly. Nothing beats curling up in a big woven blanket with hot chocolate in front of a fireplace. Here at Franklin West, a large number  of our character-filled  Victorian apartments even have fireplaces! Apartment managers encourage all residents to ask about fireplace safety before using.

Whether your living room is new or full of hand-me-down furniture, blankets and pillows are the perfect fall edition. Drape a hand weaved throw over your couch and pair it with a few plaid pillows.

Feathers located on Walnut Street in Shadyside holds all of your cozy home decor needs. They recently showcased a collection of Fall throws on Facebook!

3. Dress Your Door

From corn wreath to a wooden “Give Thanks” sign, DIYProjects has 21 awesome ways you can dress up your door during this Fall season!

Let’s get to how to hang these wreaths without damaging walls or leaving marks on your windows. You can get common adhesive hooks at your local retail store like Walmart. But sometimes those adhesive hooks don’t come off as easily as they are supposed to.

To hang an Autumn Wreath on your door, we recommend using an over the door, adjustable wreath hanger! They can be found on Amazon for no more than ten dollars. These hangers come in a variety of finishes so you’ll surely find one that looks best with your door.  

4. Nature’s Artwork

Our last apartment decor tip comes with bringing the outdoors in. If you’re into crafts, this is your section.

First, let’s talk about adding a little fall flair to your artwork. On your next walk through local parks, like Frick Park, snatch up a few colored leaves or pine cones. We know, we know.. it sounds weird but bear with us.

On a canvas or thin slab of wood, use the leaves you collected to create a beautiful fall art piece. Just a Girl blog has the tutorial. This one takes a little bit of dedication but it’s so worth it!

You know the pinecones in the store that smell wonderful but cost $30 for 10 little cones? Well, we have a debugging trick so you can decorate with pinecones while saving a ton! It’s as easy as going for a stroll during this lovely Fall weather and picking pine cones. Once you have all your pinecones, take these steps to get them decor ready:

  • Preheat oven to 200 degrees
  • Line a cooking sheet with aluminum foil
  • Spread pinecones on the sheet in a single layer
  • Put the cones in the oven for no longer than 30 minutes

You’ll want to keep a close eye on the pine cones if you decide to dry them using an oven. However, if using an oven makes you a little wary, you can wash them instead. Here’s how to do it:

  • Fill your sink with warm water and add 1/2 cup of vinegar
  • Let your pinecones soak between 20-30 minutes
  • After let the cones dry for 2 or 3 days
  • Rinse the cones with fresh water again
  • Finally, let the cones completely dry over 3 to 4 days


There you have it! From cozy blankets to pumpkin centerpieces and outdoor art, apartment decor may have a few restrictions but shouldn’t stop you from fully decorating your place!

bowl of popcorn

The Silk Screen Film Festival

Anyone with a love for feature films will surely enjoy this annual Pittsburgh event. Introducing the 2018 Silk Screen Film Festival! First created back in 2005, this nonprofit media arts organization showcases Asian Art through music, dance, and film.

The mission behind the Silk Screen is to, “celebrate diversity and multicultural appreciation of the Asian and Asian American experience through cultural events.”

We put a list together of “can’t miss” films happening this weekend! You’ll find a short movie description as well as when and where details. Plus, all theaters are only a 10-minute drive from Shadyside’s east end. 

Thursday, Sept. 27

  • Disappearance

“Disappearance follows a young couple, Sara and Hamed, who is caught between tradition and modernity….At the crossroads of personal morals and the ethics of the community, as they face their uncertain future, Sara and Hamed endure a struggle that couples around the world are still forced to confront.”

See Disappearance this Thursday at 7 pm in the Regent Square Theater.



Friday, Sept. 28

  • Alifu The Prince/ss

“Alifu is a Taiwanese-indigenous, twenty-something man who works at a salon in the city. He has a dream – to fully transition into a woman.”

Alifu the Prince/ss will start at 8:30 pm at the Frick Fine Arts.



Saturday, Sept. 29

  • Ava

“Sadaf Foroughi’s semi-autobiographical film debut focuses on teenager Ava’s coming of age in a strict, traditional society and an even more strict, traditional household.”

Beginning at 7 pm, Ava will show at the Frick Fine Arts.



Sunday, Sept. 30

  • Wrath of Silence

“On a chilly winter’s day in Northern China, a shepherd boy roams the mountains with his herd. Two days later, miner Zhang Baomin hurries back to his home – his son has disappeared in the mountains. Three days later, lawyer Xu Wenjie’s daughter disappears as well. Among the mountains and the wilderness, people lose themselves in a no man’s land in search of their blood in this award-winning film that keeps audiences at the edge of their seats”

Head out for the show that starts at 2:00 pm at the Regent Square Theater



Want to discover more movies? Click here for the full list of the 2018 festival films.

Get your friends, grab the popcorn, and enjoy the amazing feature films brought to Pittsburgh by the Silk Screen Festival.

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Mark Your Calendars for These 5 Shadyside Events

The beginning of the fall season welcomes live performances and some of Pittsburgh’s most unique events. Shadyside, in fact, has a little something for everyone. Want to enjoy a chill night with your significant other? Head over to Mansions on Fifth. Are you an adventurous spirit willing to try anything new? You have to check out MakerDate.

We rounded up the dates you need to know to keep your calendar full of fun. Here are some events you won’t want to miss during September.

Events at Mansions on Fifth

1. On September 13th, Mansions on Fifth hosts Performance Thursday with guitarist and singer Meredith Holiday! You’ll surely enjoy her acoustic take on classic rock and roll. Starting at 5:30, the two-hour long musical session will have complimentary cheese and charcuterie as well as cocktail specials.

The following Thursday, September 20th, look forward to Donna O!


2. Calgon Carbon is presenting this year’s annual MakerDate! The one-of-a-kind event on Friday, September 14 from 6 to 10 pm at Ace Hotel Pittsburgh. MakerDate pairs skilled creators with people who want to learn something new.

Come out for the live maker auction, music, and hands-on activities! All funds raised at the event go toward Assemble’s educational Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) programs.

Jam on Walnut

3. This outdoor concert will block off Walnut Street once again for the city’s biggest block party! Jam on Walnut is a benefit concert that raises funds for the Humane Animal Rescue.

Pencil in Jam on Walnut for September 22nd at 7 pm. Do some early shopping, visit the local bars and restaurants, and stay to listen to the Good Guys Acoustic Duo & Band, plus No Bad JuJu!

Performances At Kelly-Strayhorn Theater

4. The sixth annual Thrival Festival at Kelly-Strayhorn welcomes inspiring speakers and an open format discussion. The three-hour session on Wednesday, September 19th will explore the transformation of society through the lens of business and culture.

Come to see a live excerpt of the Pulitzer Prize-nominated play Marjorie Prime.

5. On Saturday, September 22nd at 4 pm, Kelly Strayhorn Theater along with Philippine-American Performing Arts presents Halo Halo. This program will host more than 40 dancers, musicians, and singers on a variety of performances that preserve folk traditions while mixing in a new light.

It will be an evening filled with music and dance in celebration of Filipino arts.


See, we told you there’s something for everyone! Look us up on Instagram for updates on local events.