3 Sensational Museums to Visit Near Shadyside

We’re finding more and more workarounds for going about our lives as naturally as possible. Hand sanitizer is bountiful, wearing face masks is becoming second nature, and people have gotten the hang of social distancing. Some of the things we’ve missed for a while now are coming back, and among those things are museums. 

If you’re feeling the itch for a museum or gallery visit, these are some you should check out that are only a short walk or drive from our Shadyside neighborhood!

Pittsburgh Center For Arts & Media

Right on one corner of Shadyside where Fifth meets Shady Ave sits this organization enabling artists throughout our community. PGH Art and Media all about visual arts here, and there’s a new gallery debuting early next month. 

Creatives in the Era of COVID-19 will have its public reception on Saturday, October 3 from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM. The event is free, but timed tickets are required and only 10 people will be allowed in at once. Come explore creations reflecting the thoughts and struggles surrounding the current pandemic.

Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Center for Art and Media via Instagram

Open Air Photography Gallery

This photo gallery is completely free and in the heart of Shadyside. Right across from the Apple store, CAPTURED::PITTSBURGH is all about community-sourced artwork, and this is exactly what you’ll find on display.

Everyone has a photo they’re proud of, and this organization wants these photos on display. Have a photo you’d like seeing on display? Post it on Instagram with #capturedpgh and consider it submitted. 

The Frick Pittsburgh

Take a step back in time at The Frick Pittsburgh. Henry Clay Frick amassed a fortune in the early days of Pittsburgh’s steel industry, and his residence is a testament. Exhibits include the car and carriage museum with an assortment of antique automobiles and carriages, plus the Maker & Muse: Women and Early 20th Century Art Jewelry. 

You will need a ticket with a reserved time slot to visit exhibits, so head over to The Frick website and choose a time. This museum also sits on a vast estate on the edge of Frick Park, which becomes a gorgeous place for a walk this time of year. 

Photo Credit: The Frick Pittsburgh via Instagram

Enjoy these exhibits as we plunge further into the new season. As always, don’t forget your mask!

Spruce Up Your Kitchen with these Useful Gadgets

A kitchen is a magical place where all your favorite meals are born. Be it your own kitchen or the one in a restaurant you frequent. Of course, a kitchen won’t act on its own. Cooking is an art and a hobby for many of us, and following a recipe is only the beginning. 

Bust out the cookbook, roll out the dough, and check out some helpful kitchen gadgets you’ll love using. Plus, all of these items can be found at the Williams Sonoma location in the heart of Shadyside, so pay a visit and discover the useful tools and gadgets among many other items.

Photo Credit: William Sonoma via Instagram
  • Stainless-Steel Odor Absorbing Splatter Screen. Are you a pan-fried food lover? Keep the oil in the pan and off your arms with this safety-minded tool. The simple screen rests atop your frying pan so you can easily take it off and on while you tend to your food.
  • Casabella Guaclock Guacamole Storage Container. Tired of your fresh guacamole turning brown after just a day in the fridge? The air exposure is the problem. This airtight container works by squeezing all the excess air out of your guac container so the dip stays green and fresh.
  • Souper Cubes Freezer Tray. Do you prepare your food well in advance? Cooking in bulk can break down to a more cost-effective solution and you’ll have plenty of leftovers. In other words, less cooking and cleaning. These trays allow for uniform portions of food you can rely on for many meals ahead.
  • Molcajete. This ancient tool is just as useful today as it was thousands of years ago. Crush spices with the included pestle or whip up a batch of guacamole. The basalt bowl is a wonderful serving piece making the molcajete a versatile item.
  • Rabbit Freezable Beer Glasses. September will soon be behind us, but there are likely still a few good warm days ahead. You’ll want a cold drink in a cold glass, and this will help you beat the heat. Pop these glasses in the freezer for at least an hour, then pour in your favorite brew. Sip away without worrying about warm beer.
  • OXO Simple Mandoline. Slicing fruits and veggies take a bit of prep time if you have a demanding recipe. This simple device delivers clean, quick, and consistent cuts so you can get cooking. Perfect for apples, squash, cucumbers, and so much more. Speaking of apples, it’s the time for picking, so bring some home and slice them up.
  • OXO Adjustable Potato Ricer. Having a similar function to a garlic press, this potato ricer does so for larger items. Choose between 3 settings for finer or chunkier consistency in your creation. Great for mashed potatoes, tomatoes for sauces, and even baby food.
  • Paderno 7-Blade Spiralizer. Don’t spiral out of control when you cook. Create perfectly controlled spirals with a spiralizer. Add some fun to your dishes and experiment with the different blade settings. Want some thin cuts on salads or soups? This will take care of it with ease.
  • Pressure Cooker Accessory Kit. If you love your pressure cooker, then these accessories will allow you many more capabilities. They all work in tandem with your cooker, and they bring out some of the best in what it can do. Keep eggs steady, elevate your entree from the bottom of the pot, securely and easily lift hot items, and even bake a cake.
  • Prepara Stainless Steel Herb Savor. Instead of using your herbs up all at once or risking they go past their prime, keep them in this herb savor. You’ll enjoy having fresh herbs around and the flavors they bring to your meals will make the rewards of cooking even greater. Just keep it in your fridge door with some water and your preferred herbs should stay fresh for up to three weeks.

These are some of the many gadgets available for your dream kitchen. Get your hands on whichever ones align with your expertise, tastes, and cooking methods. As always, when visiting local shops bring a mask and keep a safe distance from other patrons and store associates. 

Festive Fall Events Happening Near Shadyside

Summer is winding down and Fall is making itself known. It’s the time for bouts of perfect weather between sporadic showers, and all the lovely things the season brings. Fall evokes images of pumpkin patches, apple picking, changing foliage, and even a few ghosts and ghouls later in the season.

It’s no wonder many festivals and events take full advantage of this time of year. Although options are more limited than in years past, here are some fall-themed events you can look forward to.

Phipps’ Fall Flower Show.

If you haven’t made it over to Phipps Conservatory yet, do yourself a favor and reserve a time you can wander around the displays. They host all sorts of themes and events throughout the year, and this year’s Fall Flower Show: The Poetry of Nature begins on October 10.

Photo Credit: Phipps Conservatory

You’ll see chrysanthemums aplenty here as they’ve been training all year for the event. Grab a few friends, bring a camera, and capture the beauty for your autumn photo collections. On the other hand, take a relaxing stroll by getting lost in the colors and scents of the many eloquent displays comprising Phipps. The event is going for only three weeks, so be sure to buy your tickets in advance.

The Frick

Henry Clay Frick is one of the prominent steel magnates who shaped Pittsburgh into the city it is today. Museum displays are once again open, but timed tickets are necessary. Visit his elaborate home and stroll the vast grounds.

The grounds sit on the edge of what is now Frick Park, so you’ll surely see beautiful fall colors as you make your way around the premises.

Photo Credit: the Frick Pittsburgh via Instagram

Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium

The Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium are open year-round, but if you’re planning a visit before it gets too chilly, now is the time. The Zoo always hosts fun events the entire family will enjoy, and fortunately, these events are continuing with social distancing measures in place.

Spot the Dots Scavenger Hunt

This amusing challenge is brought to you by Chick-fil-A Pittsburgh and is inspired by the 5 new cheetah cubs at the zoo. Make your way through the zoo’s many exhibits and solve 6 riddles for prizes including Chick-fil-A meals and a mini plush cow. The six riddles will culminate in one winning word you can enter into this site when you’ve completed the hunt. The hunt ends on September 30, so get out there.

photo credit: Pittsburgh Zoo via Instagram

Pumpkin Palooza

Also at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium, this year is the Pumpkin Palooza. It’s a true fall kickoff with pumpkin decorating, sweet treats, and a visit with the zoo’s education animal ambassadors. This event takes place on Sunday, October 4 from 10 to 11 AM. Bring your camera and watch the animals enjoy some fall treats too.

Make your way out and see the seasons change. When things really cool down, go ahead and grab a hot drink from one of your favorite Shadyside cafes before heading to your fall events.